Other PCBs

Maximite 2 I/O Computer Board

Not designed by Isocube Software. The Maximite 2 board was designed by Geoff Graham and Peter Mather, who also created MMBasic for the system.
Made for piggy-backing the Waveshare CoreH743I “microcontroller” using MMBasic.


  • 480 MHz
  • VGA output
  • USB keyboard input
  • 3.5 minijack audio output
  • SD card slot
  • ~28 I/O pins

Note: Available as unpopulated pcb. User sources the parts. Some difficult to find parts can be supplied.


ORAC I/O Computer Board (Maximite)

Made for piggy-backing the UBW32 Bit-whacker microcontroller using MMBasic.


  • 80 MHz
  • VGA output
  • PS/2 keyboard input
  • RCA audio output
  • SD card slot
  • ~ 33 I/O pins

Note: –