Commodore 64 – redone #5

I have now finished the C64C. It was a great success! I will make a video one of the next days, showing how to access the games etc. I have been playing Jumpman, Drop Zone and other classics. I forgot to install H.E.R.O., which is a big mistake.


The inside
HDMI, power switch, USB micro for power

Commodore 64C – redone

I have two Commodore 64’s, a fully working breadbox and a C64C. I also have a C64C limited edition case, for early backers for the re-molding of the cases. To give a quick background, I am a great fan of microcontrollers, but never had any interest in SBCs like the Raspberry Pi. However, I recently ordered a Pi 3+ and gave it a spin. I was not impressed, and I could not find any use for it – as a computer, it is just way too sluggish. Before sending it to the drawer, I tried an image called ‘Combian’ which promised to turn my Pi3+ into a C64 – without any hassle. I tried, and the second I turned the Pi on, it booted into the C64 start screen. I knew then, that I had to use this for something. So, since my C64C haven’t got a SID-chip, I decided to remove the motherboard and stuff, to begin the project of re-doing the machine with new hardware! I will 3D print things like keyboard holders and covers for the empty slots in the back. First off, is to wipe the unit down with alcohol.

C64C looking very nice!