Astro Attack!

Astro Attack! was a “non-pinball” game, in which a fully mechanical playfield was merged with a video display which would present graphics, such as sprites and score etc. The gameplay consisted of a number of green orbs to the right of the screen, which the player needed to defend from enemies entering from the left side, as they would attempt to steal the players orbs and carrying them out of the left side of the screen. Occasionally, orbs of other colors could be obtained by hitting a stand-up target on the playfield. Orbs with colors other than green would award points at certain intervals. As such, it is advantageous to defend those more than the green orbs. The player could engage ground-based enemies by hitting them with the ball – which worked by having an VIB (video interface bar) directly beneath the screen. The VIB had a row of microswitches which would would be triggered by the ball, and thus the PC (through a microcontroller) would know where the screen was hit. For airborne targets the popbumper would change color upon entering, thus indicating to the player that a homing missile could be fired by hitting the popbumper.

The game was 100 % playable, with 16-bit style graphics, sound effects, music and speech (female voice, with comments that are probably adult-only). The game used a Windows 10 PC with a Avon Pinball Driver board (see the Driver Board-section) piggybacking a U-HID microcontroller from Ultimarc.

Astro Attack! was cancelled and dismantled due to dwindling interest in pinball by the creator and a complete lack of interest in the project from the “outside world”.

Yes, it says Space Attack on the screen. This was the earlier title for the game
The playfield after dismantling the game. The playfield has now also been cannibalized and sold as parts
Early popbumper lighting test
Early underside of playfield