Kiss it Bye Bye!

As some of you guys know – the ones I speak to regularly – I had several ideas for concepts and themes for my future pinball projects…the ones coming after the Astro Attack! non-pinball game. As stated earlier, I have been removing myself from pinball, and I have been removing pinball from me. As such, I have no machines left and very little desire to own a pinball machine again (though there are one or two I would consider).
My main interest has always been computer and video games. Pair that with a passion for getting rid of stuff, then you have my decision of stopping with homebrew pinball – even before the first one is finished. I really, really want to make video games again, be it straight up computer or arcade games – I have always been attracted to the video screen.

I have just gotten rid of all my spare pinball parts to force this dogma upon myself.

I will finish the Servalan I/O driver board, since it is pretty far along and the code to support the Arduino 2560 is done (the code will of course need tweaking for individual projects). I will also finish Astro Attack! as I still believe that the concept is great. After that, my only involvement in pinball projects will be supplying boards and/or code to others. If someone has an interesting pinball/mechanical project, then I am open for hire.


Long live the new flesh