MaxiMite project #1

Recently I have been very interested in the MaxiMite project, after watching 8-bit Guys video on the topic ( ). It is an older project, created to ‘imitate’ an older 8-bit computer – like the C64. It is running MMBasic, which, in this case, has the ability to control I/O ports of the PIC microcontroller it is running on. It seems to me (not an expert) that MMBasic and MaxiMite beat micropython to the punch, but did not make a big splash?

Well, I have just received the UBW32 PIC microcontroller board, which also has the ability to run color MaxiMite. Then I will need to hook up a VGA port, a PS/2 port and an SD card read+write. These are in the mail.

UBW32 PIC microcontroller