GBS-8200 V4 converter board

Well, just dug these out again. These are boards that I really wanted to love, but they have problems with consistency – not only from board to board, but they also differ a lot depending on what game board you use them with. A general problem is image stability. I have tried older game boards (Frogger) and later games (90’s driving games), and the conclusion is that it’s touch and go. They will accept 15kHz, 24kHz and 31kHz input and output 31kHz on VGA. If you have problems with the image shaking or having jittering, look into the clamp settings. These are crucial. Still, there are no resolutions that can fit any LCD monitor you might want to use. A 5:4 LCD monitor should have a rez of 1280×1024. The GBS has no rez that is a multiple of that…and it should really have that (1280×1024) resolution. Otherwise, you are scaling your game to one new resolution in the GBS, then the monitor scales that again. Both times they will be off-resolutions providing scaling artifacts and add a blurry quality to the image. I hope they make another version that at least have 1280*1024, leaving ‘only’ the problem of off-scaling from the original games resolution to the GBS.


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