Developing for Android

I have just installed the ADK and countless other files. Now I will be able to develop software and games for Android. First of all, I will begin working on a game especially for that platform. I think it will be using the standard touchscreen controls, even though I am very opposed to a control scheme this lacking. I grew up on arcade games and thus I have great trouble with controls that are not razor sharp. Some people have gamepads for their Android devices and others have units like the JXD S7800 or Yinlips which has d-pad, normal buttons and even analog sticks. Still, I wonder how extremely small the total percentage is, compared to the total number of Android users.

A picture of the table setup. Please note the Ducky Shine 4 keyboard. Everybody should have one.

…and a picture of a test-run; small white blocks that disappear when you touch them. Not very interesting, but at least it works.


BaCo v1.4 Bacterial Count Calculator

BaCo v1.4 is available for download. Fixed some problems, and now the result is returned in scientific notation.

BaCo v1.3 is available for download. There are very minor fixes from v1.2, and they will probably go unnoticed by most.

Click here: to download the software.

About BaCo:

This is a project I started with the goal of making bacterial counts as fast as possible. The program is slim, has only one file and only needs the minus-key, number-keys and enter to be used.. Choose your plates, insert values, and you get the bacterial count. You’ll also get the count uncertainty expressed as percentage and +/- # CFU. Project time was 8 hours(v1) + 2 hours(v1.1) + 1 hour(v1.2) + 0 hours(v1.3) + 1 hour(v1.4) = 12 hours