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Kore+ released for Windows & Android!

The updated version of Kore has been released for Windows and Android on The Android version is also available on Google Play.

The game now has music, some fixes has been addressed. The Windows version can be played with the keyboard or XBOX controller and the Android version can be played with XBOX controller(like before)

You can get both versions here:



Kore, what controllers to use?

Kore is made for the XBOX-family of wired controllers only. You may be able to play the game with a wired PS3 controller or with bluetooth Android controllers. But the PS3 controller might have issues and Android bluetooth controllers are pretty much hit and miss. Buying the game for anything but an XBOX controller is at your own risk.



Kore, awaiting release!

Kore is being processed at Google Play, awaiting release within 3-24 hours. The support for JXD S7800 was cut, so the game is only meant for use with the XBOX-family of controllers. Kore is a Galaga-style space shooter with lots of enemies, enemy bullets and power ups. It is controlled with the D-PAD(left, right) and uses the “A” button for firing and the “B” button for shield burst. Shield Burst is an important mechanic in the game; use it to force move through dense bullet curtains or enemies.

Any questions, feel free to contact me.



PS3 controller now works on KORE

[pics inside] While the game(KORE) is being designed around the XBOX-family of controllers, it is now possible to play the game with a wired PS3 controller. By wired I mean connected from the PS3 controllers mini-USB port to the Android device. On my devices it was enough to just use a regular USB port on the Android device, but some people may need to use their device’s OTG port. The cable will look like this: (or be comprised of two cables)







Testing Kore on devices!

Well, since the Android market is very diverse and spanning many different hardware configurations, I have bought a small lot of devices for testing the game. This includes phones, tablets and – most importantly, media players. Not all units are in the picture, since one was used for taking the picture(!) and at least one other was on the road.

The main focus of this game is still media players, since it will absolutely need an XBOX controller.




Kore moving along nicely!

Kore is moving along nicely. I am beginning to have the final idea of the overall theme of the game in my head, and I really hope for a release on Google Play this summer(if all goes well). I want the game to be an arcade-style space shooter, but with a lot of enemies and awesome power ups. I don’t have a lot of time to work on it these days, due to exams etc., but I will get into high gear soon.





Kore, a game for Android

It has been a while since I have written anything about my Android-project. I have stated earlier that I wanted to make a game using touchscreen controls, since these are inherent to 99% of all Android devices. However, I could not cope with that kind of control, and I have decided to target players that has a controller for their device. This, of course, rules out almost everybody sans the people using one of the plentiful Android media players and have a USB controller. Moving away from touch controls and adapting controller-use makes my product feel more honest.


I have bought/had in advance several Android devices for testing my game, units include: 3-4 Android media players, phones, Yinlips, JXD S7800. Also, I have not *really* started testing for controllers yet. I do have several XBOX360 controllers(original and 3rd party), a XBOX original(first XBOX console) and several other non-xbox generic controllers. Some extremely cheap. My goal is to make the game nice to control, even with 5USD chinese controllers. This will go hand in hand with the XBOX’s lousy d-pad. You will use the d-pad for the game, but since Kore only has left/right (like Galaga/Space Invaders etc) the d-pad is more than good enough. *in the end, Kore might only accept XBOX-controllers)*

So far, I have several power-ups working and four levels. The levels(stages) are short and fast. This means that starting over won’t be a drag. I am aiming for large amounts of enemies and a power up ‘system’ that will make the player feel like he/she is extremely powerful.

It is no secret the upon receiving my Android-units and testing many games from Google Play, that I am amazed at the complete lack of good games. Even games that offers themselves to be controller-based games aren’t really. How an OS as competent as Android, on hardware as strong as it is, cannot produce great games is beyond me. I have tried platformers, shooters, racers, all either really bad or bad with a totally suspect in-app purchases-system. This is from small companies as well as the likes of Namco.

I am not saying Kore will be something special; I will, however, say that it will be made with these goals:

1) working with a controller
2) no in-app purchases
3) arcade-style gameplay