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Back to Gravity

Deciding that my interest in pinball was ill-advised, I have now gone back to Gravity, my Android/Windows-project. Since I couldn’t make heads or tail in my previous code, and to get a fresh start, I have decided to see what happens when I start from scratch. So, bring out the controllers!



P:G Update #3 – checking controllers!

(picture inside) In the picture below you can see 4 controller icons, all grey. As the controllers gets connected, they will turn blue. The game will probably end up as a 3-player game, but I will leave the 4 players in for now. I think that the ability to see your controller status directly on the splash screen is awesome; especially in this world of countless devices, many of them bluetooth or better, Wifi Direct.



P:G update #2 – two-player working!

(picture inside) Just put in some work on Project Gravity. The game is now running 1080p@60fps and two-player is working. I think this is the way to go. The only thing I am nervous about is the issue with how many Android units that will be able to run the game at the res and the framerate. If I were to scale back the res and fps, then I would lose too much room to pull four-player off. I think I will test it later on my Nvidia Shield, which I have two controllers for.

I am still going for the line-look. Below you can see player 1 and 2 in the barren wasteland 🙂




P:G update #1

Well…Project Gravity evolved. At least, at this point. It started as a vector-style game for touch screen controls, but the number of controls exceeds what I believe is good for a touch based game. The best course of action seems to be to take the Kore-route. Back to controllers! Also, there seem to be a peak in couch-multiplayer these days, with games like Bomb Squad and others. Since I have just bought an Nvidia Shield TV console – and I am quite amazed at that system and its controller(s) – I feel like making Gravity for that unit(and its kin).

So, the original idea was a Lunar Lander/Thrust-like single player game, but now I will work on the multiplayer part first. Making games for *all* Android tablets is pretty hairy; you have to take into account all the different strengths, like horsepower. That is why Kore was low res 30fps. Moving Gravity to high-power devices, like the Nvidia Shield, will allow me to get 1920x1080p@60fps. Those specs will also fit my needs, should I decide to make Gravity as a multiplayer arcade machine as well as an Android game.

I aim for 2-player, but up to 4 players should be doable.


Still working on P:G!

Project: Gravity is still in development, but at slower pace these weeks due to studies. However, the graphical direction is set on a vector-look and this means that I can’t buy the graphics to go, but have to make them myself. I am working with the guy doing the sound for me, though. This is purely me ordering something, then he uses his skills to make music/sound effects. This is still a one-man project from the creation and direction view.

As of now there some explosions in the game. I plan to make a short video soon, I just need to have a little more gameplay down.