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Modification of drop targets

This drop target bank was just donated to one of my many on-life-support pinball projects. Thanks to the legendary Fonzy from

As I have stated many times, I hate leaf switches with a passion. Thus, I have dug out some microswitches and I will attempt to modify the drop target bank with them. This should make a good prototype for the possible implementation of drop targets to a pinball machine.



First look at the driver I/O board for projects like pinball and mechanical games. It works like Master Blaster from Mad Max. You connect your controller, either by piggybacking or by dupont leads. The controller is the Master, the AVON is the Blaster.

If you choose piggybacking, this board is designed to use the Ultimarc U-HID, which will fit the two sockets.

What does the board do:

  • General board, will drive coils, lamps etc.
  • Voltages from 5-50V.
  • 19 MOSFET outputs (up to 20A per channel)
  • 27 inputs (only for piggybacking, otherwise redundant)
  • LED for each channel to see if the controller is outputting signal.
  • Back-voltage protection*
  • Pull-down for floating pins on the controller
  • Only 3.96mm (0.156″) connectors
    *Protection is never 100%!



Pinball theme!

I have had a couple of people asking me what the theme will be. I am between themes, two to be exact, but I’ll keep the names under wraps. I can say this, though: I originally wanted to use Forbidden Planet as the theme for my pinball machine, since I love the film and licensing would not be an issue for a ‘hobby-project’. I thought that NOBODY in the entire world would get the same idea, so I didn’t bother to check up on it. I was wrong. Not only is Forbidden Planet being made as a pinball machine, but it is being made right now – and with a ‘power house’ pinball designer.




Pinball project update #33

The order for the pinball driver board (prototype II) has been placed. This time from a new place, so apart from testing the input connectors and how zener diodes works in my circuit I will also have a look at the quality of the PCBs from the new manufacturer.

I expect to have the board designed real soon, so hopefully prototype II will be the last. But who knows.