BaCo v1.4 Bacterial Count Calculator

BaCo v1.4 is available for download. Fixed some problems, and now the result is returned in scientific notation.

BaCo v1.3 is available for download. There are very minor fixes from v1.2, and they will probably go unnoticed by most.

Click here: to download the software.

About BaCo:

This is a project I started with the goal of making bacterial counts as fast as possible. The program is slim, has only one file and only needs the minus-key, number-keys and enter to be used.. Choose your plates, insert values, and you get the bacterial count. You’ll also get the count uncertainty expressed as percentage and +/- # CFU. Project time was 8 hours(v1) + 2 hours(v1.1) + 1 hour(v1.2) + 0 hours(v1.3) + 1 hour(v1.4) = 12 hours