About me

I have been a life-long fan of video games, from the early computers and arcade games to the modern systems (PC mostly). Several years ago I began making my own games, which drove me to make my own arcade game, Sonic: Rise of the Hedgehog. The game uses a CRT monitor, has coin input and features a flasher that goes off on the control panel when you are close to a secret on the screen.

I have a Master’s Degree in Food Technology from the University of Copenhagen, and I also hold a BSc in Biotechnology from the same university.

In my spare time, I develop games etc. for Android and Windows.

Feel free to contact me!




List of my courses at the University of Copenhagen and DTU:

  • Mikrobiologi (LBIF1014E)
  • Advanced Course in Microbiological Food Safety (SLEK160001)
  • Mikrobielle interaktioner (SBIB10140E)
  • Mikrobiel fødevaresikkerhed (SVEB10402E)
  • Fødevaremikrobiologi (LLEA10274E)
  • Dairy Microbiology (NFOK14026E)
  • From Gene to Function in Pathogenic Bacteria (SBIK10182E)
  • Food Enzymes and Applications (NFOK14021U)
  • Naturstofkemi og mikrobiologi (LKEB1011E)
  • Molekylær genetik (LBIF10184E)
  • Introduktion til bioteknologi (LBIB10172E)
  • Cellebiologi (LBIB10125E)
  • Biokemi 1 (LKEB10077E)
  • Sygdomslære og farmakologi (LLEB10215E)
  • Almen kemi for biovidenskab (LKEB10108E)
  • Organisk kemi for biovidenskab (LKEB10109E)
  • Fødevarekemi (NFOB14027U)
  • Råvarekvalitet (LLEF10240E)
  • Matematik og databehandling (LMAB10066E)
  • Introduktion til menneskets ernæring (LLEB10265E)
  • Meat Technology and Packaging (NFOK15013E)
  • Diagnosis of Diseases of Agricultural and Horticultural Plants (LPLA10384E)
  • Fødevaregrundkursus (LLEB10270E)
  • Fødevarevidenskabsteori (LLEB10244U)
  • Fødevareproduktionsprocesser (23715 DTU)
  • Fødevarefysik (NFYB14030E)
  • Bachelor Thesis in Biotechnology
  • Yeast Physiology and Applications (NFOK14002U)
  • Hygiejnisk Design i Fødevareindustrien (23521 DTU)
  • Fødevareteknologi (23711 DTU)
  • Control of Foodborne Microorganisms (LLEK10219U)
  • Statistisk Dataanalyse (LMAB10069U)
  • Thematic Course in Food Science and Technology (NFOK16003U)
  • Food Quality Management and Control (NFOK15011U)
  • Food Processing (NFOK17001E)
  • Master’s degree in Food Science and Technology


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