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A life-long fan of video games and recent fan of pinball. I develop for Android and Windows. Currently working on 'Project: Gravity', a game for Android tablets.

Hotline Miami!

I have just started to re-play Hotline Miami  – and once again, I am hooked. I absolutely love the style and feel of the game. I wish I could get merchandise for it. One of my favorite games from the last decade.


Like a pinch on the neck from Mr. Spock!

Normally I am against the public outcry when a celebrity dies. It is as if people feel more for random celebrity than people close to them. However, I DO like this representation of Leonard Nimoy as Spock. There’s something sweet about it.


MOSFET heatsinks

I am starting having problems with my MOSFETs getting weak and heat up. This is strange, since I use almost the same setup as the last time I jerked around with this stuff. I know that the heatsinks will not fix my problem, but they do look cute. Maybe I should try an alternative, like IRLZ44N.


Stern MPU-200

For some reason, Bally/Stern MPU’s are very difficult when it comes to installing new sockets (machine strips). This makes it horrible work. On the other hand, the boards are very well designed, and the self-test system is great.


Classics on PCBs

How far can you invade our scramble system? I do not collect game pcbs, but I do like to have the older titles, like this one. I hope it works.




Acrylic print & test-holes

Finally got around to testing the acrylic printed material. I was afraid it would crack/chip or that the print would start to fall off in the area where the hole was made. Everything worked out fine, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of cracking an expensive large printed sheet. I will make more tests, and hopefully I can stick with acrylics; this would be better than going with polycarbonate (polycarbonate has very compelling advantages – but also some rather bad disadvantages)