STM32F407VET6, en route!

I just ordered a couple of the STM32-based microcontrollers. These are very interesting as they have assets that may make them viable alternatives to Arduino. My favorite Arduino is the 2560 due to it having 70 I/O pins. The Arduino has a clock speed of 16MHz, 256kb (-8 for boot loader) of flash memory and 8kb of SRAM. These numbers look very dated compared to the VET6, as it has 82 I/O pins, a clock speed of 168MHz, 512kb flash memory, 192kb RAM and it is 32bit instead of 8bit.

So, the numbers are ‘higher’, but does this mean ‘better’? When it comes to my projects, which are mechanical in nature, I need I/O pins with +5V logic levels outputs. I need a well-developed IDE and I need a tried and true uC with a critical mass of users. On top of my head, the 168MHz clock speed is of no use to me over 16MHz. The 12 extra I/O pins are nice, but not a deal breaker. Regarding storage space for the program, I don’t think I will come near using the 256kb the 2560 has – so 512kb for the STM32 could prove overkill (for me). I just installed the STM32 board library into the Arduino IDE, which was pretty easy, but you still have to seach hard on the web for information compared to any Arduino.

I will return with my thoughts after testing!


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