Android to Arduino

It seems that my project with getting Android to work with Arduino is going to work. In the short video below, I turn on one LED at a time, and that logic level signal can, of course, be used for anything. My current video/pinball-project is pretty far along, using Windows and the U-HID controller. I think I will stay with that setup for my present project – I have everything done here, in regards to inputs and outputs, I designed the pcb and had it produced, soldered it etc. There is no lag, and I can freely choose resolutions, audio and everything….Windows is a great platform for this. I have no huge desire to switch to Android, but being a fan of both operating systems, I would like to give Android a chance to see if it might be more sleek. On the microcontroller side of things, an Arduino is WAY cheaper than an U-HID. An Android unit may not be much cheaper than a Windows unit these days, but I still think Android will contribute to lowering over-all system cost.


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