Back to Gravity

Deciding that my interest in pinball was ill-advised, I have now gone back to Gravity, my Android/Windows-project. Since I couldn’t make heads or tail in my previous code, and to get a fresh start, I have decided to see what happens when I start from scratch. So, bring out the controllers!



Silent Service II revisited

Just tried out Silent Service II on Steam (in-home streaming). I haven’t played this game since the early 90’s, and the thought that pops into my head is how dated and not-fun the game is. I tend to think that most of the games (or movies for that matter) I used to like, still hold up. But from the second Silent Service II loads, you just want to exit to desktop. I don’t feel the same way about Pirates (to name another Sid Meier game) or many other games from the period. I think this is a problem for PC games, more so than Amiga/console and arcade games for sure.
Even a cartoony game like Steel Diver on the 3DS gave me much, much more of a submarine feel.