Arduino Leonardo

I usually do not buy microcontrollers with few inputs/outputs, but I ordered this Arduino Leonardo anyway. It might be usable for less complex mechanical projects or maybe I could use more than one. As an extra plan, I would like to look into using Android with an Arduino instead of Windows, since Android devices usuallyy are cheaper than small Windows all-in-one computers.


GBS-8200 V4 converter board

Well, just dug these out again. These are boards that I really wanted to love, but they have problems with consistency – not only from board to board, but they also differ a lot depending on what game board you use them with. A general problem is image stability. I have tried older game boards (Frogger) and later games (90’s driving games), and the conclusion is that it’s touch and go. They will accept 15kHz, 24kHz and 31kHz input and output 31kHz on VGA. If you have problems with the image shaking or having jittering, look into the clamp settings. These are crucial. Still, there are no resolutions that can fit any LCD monitor you might want to use. A 5:4 LCD monitor should have a rez of 1280×1024. The GBS has no rez that is a multiple of that…and it should really have that (1280×1024) resolution. Otherwise, you are scaling your game to one new resolution in the GBS, then the monitor scales that again. Both times they will be off-resolutions providing scaling artifacts and add a blurry quality to the image. I hope they make another version that at least have 1280*1024, leaving ‘only’ the problem of off-scaling from the original games resolution to the GBS.


GRID – Bacterial count calculator

I have retired BaCo, and replaced it with a new and sleaker calculator called GRID. It calculates the bacterial count in a sample from a plated dilution range. A real-time equation is adjusted as you enter the values (plate count, dilutions, volume plated etc.). You also get the count uncertainty presented as both a percentage and as +/- CFU.

Download the program here:


Stranger Things and LCDs!

Besides my being pretty bored with Stranger Things (1 + 2), I get annoyed when you are that lazy…there are countless DigDug arcades around, with CRTs. LCDs are also seen in other places in the show. If you’re that proud of your 80s style, follow it through.


Zero Delay Joystick Encoder

Well, I finally got around to ordering one of these things. They’re dirt cheap, but their function is still important, otherwise..why use it. This is not a keyboard encoder, it is a joystick encoder which gives it a knock down from the get go. Be advised, there are no outputs at all.


Star Trek Discovery

“We have engaged the klingons”

15 days left, then Disco Trek will hit us! Even though I like the original series the best, didn’t like TNG at all, except for the movies, loved DS9 back in the day (but having problems liking it now), found Voyager OK – and never felt too much for ENT….I have decided to go into Discovery with a positive attitude. I am ready for Star Trek to become military science fiction, in the vein of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis.


Sonic Mania!

Sonic Mania finally got released; however, I really don’t care for it that much. It is very, very similar to Christian Whitehead’s (Taxman) former widescreen editions of the classic games. I only reached the Chemical Zone, found that I still hated it, realized that I wasn’t having fun – and refunded the game. Later this month, Cuphead will hit the world – I will be there, hoping the best.

On another note, I have grown very fond of modern Sonic’s homing attack.

Sonic 4 Episode II is better than Mania. And half the price.