Mining Duino-Coin

I recently started mining the most awesome Duino-Coin (, which gives best rewards when using low-power devices such as Arduino, ESP32/8266 and the like. When I first looked at my earnings this morning I saw that the amount of mined DUCO (the ticker for Duino-Coin) was the same as my second-favorite album of all time. […]

NFT – possibilities and the future

Isocube Software has begun work on a project that is to be offered as an NFT, most likely on the Ethereum blockchain. The growth of this sector has been interesting to follow and it is certainly a most excellent usage of the blockchain technology. While it has not escaped our attention that we may live […]

Korg Monotron Delay

I just got this in the mail. It is an extremely cheap and small (!) unit that only runs on batteries and utilizes a 3.5 mm audio output and a 3.5 mm audio input (yes, the input audio is modified by the unit – this is not a normal pass-through). So, how does it fare? […]

Raspberry Pi 400

The Raspberry Pi 400 with Danish layout (characters “æ”, “ø” and “å”) has finally become available. I am very satisfied with the build quality and the feel of the keys. It is sturdy, pretty and still has the GPIO-header. The 3.5 mm audio jack has been omitted for the 400 – so you’ll have to […]

LILYGO TTGO VGA32 V1.4 in the house!

I recently heard about these units, which are based on the most triumphant EPS32 microntroller. I know next to nothing about them, other than they have VGA output, 3.5 mm audio output and keyboard + mouse PS/2 connectors. They also have a couple of pins, which I hope are I/O pins.I have some images of […]

Status on SBCs

I just gave a Raspberry Pi 4 a spin. I was somewhat opposed to try another one, due to me being a “microcontroller-guy” first and foremost. However, I also want to be a little bit in on the action regarding SBCs (single board computers) and that is why I tried again. Earlier I had a […]