Silent Service II revisited

Just tried out Silent Service II on Steam (in-home streaming). I haven’t played this game since the early 90’s, and the thought that pops into my head is how dated and not-fun the game is. I tend to think that most of the games (or movies for that matter) I used to like, still hold up. But from the second Silent Service II loads, you just want to exit to desktop. I don’t feel the same way about Pirates (to name another Sid Meier game) or many other games from the period. I think this is a problem for PC games, more so than Amiga/console and arcade games for sure.
Even a cartoony game like Steel Diver on the 3DS gave me much, much more of a submarine feel.



Cruis’n World – marquee lighting

The fluorescent tube I installed in the marquee of my Cruis’n World years ago, does not light up the picture evenly. I have decided to use LED strips (cool white) on a piece of acrylic (67cm*17cm). I used three runs of strip powered by a small 12V SMPS I had lying around. The result is great, the light is 100% even now. The setup draws 0.2A and 2.4W…about 85% less than the previous setup. Having several light sources is better than one when you want to light up an area. Also, should one or more of the LEDs die over the years, it will almost be unnoticeable. The same cannot be said for a single light source…of course.